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  Korrector The Air Saddle Pad - Styles & Sizes



Korrector™ Specification


English Pads are made from leather and Western Pads are made of wool felt. The spine on all the styles of cloth are cut for a high wither. Apart from Western, all cloths are fitted with a Gullet Locking Plate™ and front ties for secure positioning and excellent clearance. 


All Korrector™ cloths and bags are available separately.  First Thought Equine Ltd reserves the right to make alterations/improvements to the products shown without prior notice. All information shown was correct at the time of going to press.


Step 1 - Select length of cloth 


Sizes for English styles of saddle are as follows...

  • Medium   For saddles with a seat size of 16.5" -17.5".

  • Large       For saddles with a seat size of 17.5" up wards.

Sizes for Western styles of saddle are as follows...

  • Medium   For Reining type saddles with a bar length of around 23".

  • Large       For Roper/Working type saddles with a bar length of around 26". 

Step 2 - Select Rear Bag Width (English only)


English saddles vary in the width of the seat and therefore the panel.  To ensure you choose the right Korrector™ for your saddle take the following measurement across the widest part of the saddle.



If the measurement is 11" (28cm) or less you require a Korrector™ with a 140 code. It will have this type of bag, long and narrow...



If the measurement is 11.5" (29.5) or more you require a cloth with a 165 code. It will have this type of bag, 1" (2.5cm) wider than the 140 above...



Cloths come in the following styles...

The sizes available are made for the most popular styles of saddle i.e. near all dressage saddles have a width measurement that will require a 165 bag type so that is what we make!  However, if your dressage saddle measured up for a 140 then we suggest you use the 140 Korrector™ Pad instead of a cloth or numnah.

Cloths when fitted under the saddle should have about two fingers of the rear bag sticking out the side of the saddle.






We hope all is clear.  If you are unsure then email us with your query whatsize@Korrector™.com 


140 & 165 Korrector™ Pad

A compact Pad with with no flap.  This can be used under any type of English saddle.  You can also use a thin saddle cloth to keep the pad clean.  The pads are available with 140 or 165 rear bags.  Available in Medium or Large sizes, Black or Brown.


Korrector™ Western

The western cloth is designed to be sandwiched between a thin western blanket to achieve a much closer feel and contact with the horse whilst giving greater freedom of movement. Requires no Gullet Locking Plate. Can be used in all disciplines of western riding. The Korrector ties to the swell so it stays secure and always off the withers.  Currently available in Black, Available in Medium or Large.


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