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  Flair® Saddles - Inside Story



Flair® is a system of four air bags, which are incorporated into your existing saddle panel, two at the front, and two at the rear. Flair® air bags can be fitted to all styles of saddle i.e. Dressage, Jumping, General Purpose and Endurance etc.


The air bags surround a foam insert which makes the air displace in such a manner that the saddle panel maximizes its bearing surface on the horses back.


The bags are adjusted via two valves that are fitted under the skirt of the saddle. The adjustments are made whilst the rider sits on the horse, the whole process taking a matter of minutes. The saddler is able to balance the saddle perfectly both side to side and front to back even if the horse has uneven muscle development.

In 3 years of trials, the performance of all horses using the product has improved.




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