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WOWTM Competitor - Features - 


Flexible Carbon Fibre Tree - using the latest materials to give the ultimate in flexibility and strength. Lateral Flexion™ allows the horse to rotate the scapula fully under the saddle without interference, whilst also proving a very big bearing surface and hence very low pressures on the horse’s back.


PPS™ "Pointless Panel System" – The unique shape of the tree with no conventional points and an extended floating plate on the panel top produces a bearing surface larger than a western saddle!


Double Stirrup Bars - allows the rider to ride with both a straighter leg position for schooling and a more forward leg position for hacking or jumping disciplines.


Adjustable Tree Width – The width of the tree can be adjusted by the rider using the unique Flexi-Head™ in conjunction 11 interchangeable headplate width fittings from extra narrow to 8X Wide.


Interchangeable Panels - enables you to change the panels of your saddle to a design more suitable for a different horse with different back profile i.e. higher or lower gusset height


Double Wishbone Girthing – A unique girthing arrangement centers the pull of the girth to keep the saddle still and stable on the horses back.


Interchangeable Flaps – extra flaps can be purchased and these are interchangeable allowing the rider to remove one flap and replace with one for a different discipline flap i.e. dressage to jumping


Two position flaps  – all flaps have two fixing positions so you can change the flap’s angle forward or back as well as removing them totally. This allows for riders with longer leg/thigh length.


Choice Of Seat Designs - flat to deep with differing degrees of softness of support.


Anatomically Designed Seat - allowing the rider to achieve total closeness to the horse with their thigh lying flat against the horses side.


Choice Knee Blocks - Fixed Blocks or Moveable Blocks. moveable blocks allows the rider to adjust the knee support.


Single web stirrup leathers included so there is no buckle under the rider’s leg.


Flair® - The Adjustable Air Flocking System is fitted as standard. Flair® allows the panel to be adjusted to and continuously mould to a horses changing/moving shape.


Choice of colours and styles of leather, stitching and facings as well as flaps, panels and seat allows the rider to customize the saddle to their own preferences.




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