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  WOWTM Saddles -Headplates  

The idea of changing the width fitting of a tree is not new. However, WOW™ with its’ unbelievable Flexi-Head™ gives you a range of width fittings, in the same tree, that far exceeds any other saddle available today. 


See video of headplate fitting and Flexi-Head™ 3.6Mb


WOW™ has been proven to fit both the highest withered thoroughbred to the very widest cob with just the change of a headplate. 

Most saddle manufacturers will only supply trees with angles from 80 - 110 degrees, a range of only 40 degrees. WOW™ offers a range of 73 degrees to 143 degrees a range of 70 degrees. The difference between each width fitting is 7 degrees, this is a larger increment than most manufacturers who use between 4.5 - 5 degrees for each step. 

We have numbered our headplates from -1 to 9 that is 11different angles. Shown in (a.)

Changing the headplate is incredibly easy. Just remove the two 6mm bolts, swap the headplate and replace the bolts. The range of width fittings far exceeds anything else on the market. 

Because the Flexi-Head™ has the ability to distort around whatever headplate shape we put in it we have made two type of headplate shape to suit the different needs of horses. 

Our headplate types are “V” and “U” type, which denotes the shape or radius of the arch of the headplate.  Shown in (c.)

The “V” type only comes in -1 to 1 as above a 90 degree angle there would not be sufficient difference in the radius. The “V” types give a closed head shape.  Shown in (b.)

The “U” type open the head of saddle making more room for the shoulder of the horse where necessary.
Our No.0 fit is the equivalent of a narrow and our No.3 is the equivalent of an extra wide. Our No.9 fit is an 8X wide!




b .





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