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  WOWTM Saddles - Girthing  

The standard WOW™ has a unique girthing arrangement that has the ability to be tailored for different horses irrelevant of where their girth groove lies.

Every horse has a girth groove, the place where a girth will lie. This groove will not change and therefore has influence on the saddle and its position on the horses back. Therefore it is just as essential that the girth groove is taken into account when fitting a saddle as any other aspect of the saddle fit.















Look how WOW™ just sits on the horse's back even with the rider's weight in the stirrups!


Double Running "V" is the standard WOW™ girth arrangement (picture on left) with front and back swinging "V's" that will pull the saddle down evenly. The principle of girthing should be that the centre of pull of a girth should be through the centre of the saddle keeping the saddle flat against the horse. 

Double "V" Option



With "Point Strap" Option



On some horses the girth groove is more forward so the girthing exerts a pull on the saddle that will make it shift forwards up the neck. To counter this effect all WOW™ flaps have a Point Strap Option where the front "V" can be negated so the pull comes straight up to the front of the saddle (right picture). In this way you can tailor the girthing to suit many different horses.


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