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  WOWTM Saddles - The Panel



The WOW™ (patent pending) panel system is actually an extension of the tree.  We call it our Pointless Panel System™ or PPS.  Most panels are made purely from leather or like materials which because of their soft nature provide very little extra support area over that of the tree.
With this in mind we created a panel which would...

  • Support the tree

  • Nullifying any of the pressure we normally see from stirrup bars and point of the tree. 

  • Extend the bearing surface of the tree to achieve a much greater and more consistent bearing surface for the saddle. 

We achieved these goals by incorporating in the panel construction a semi-rigid plastic plate (shown as a dotted line), which stiffens the top of the panel. The stiffened panel extends far beyond the tree and where conventional points would end (shown as a box outline). The plate can flex with the movement of the horse whilst still applying even pressure. The square inches of support surface produced by this saddle is greater than that of a western saddle! 


A conventional tree has points which are 2-3 fingers wide and stop approximately 7.5" down from the head.  WOW™ does not have points, the front of the tree is a lobe which incorporates the double stirrup bar.  



This lobe is then extended by the plastic plate system on top of the panel to create a pointless tree and panel ending 12-13 inches down from the head. This extra depth of support decreases pressure on the shoulder and encourages better movement of the horse. 

There is a choice of panel styles to suit different conformations of horse. Panel can be purchased separately if required.  We custom make panels with different heights of back gusset for different / difficult horse confirmations such sway back etc. 


All panels are inter-changeable between seats of the same size or larger i.e. you can use a 17" panel on an 18" tree. This is very useful for horses with short backs that cannot accommodate the seat size the rider requires.


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