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WOWTM Saddles - Panel Gullet Options -





A vital and much overlooked part of fitting a saddle is the gullet width at the base of the withers. It is so important to allow the musculature at the base of the withers room to work. If there is not enough room the horse can at worst become hollow in outline and at best not swing through in itsí lateral work.

All panels with a front gusset or without a front gusset can be ordered with different widths of gullet at the based of the wither. 

A. Standard Gullet Width No Tab (with or without front gusset)
B. Wide Gullet Width No Tab (with or without front gusset)
C. Extra Wide Gullet Width No Tab (with or without front gusset)
D. Wide Gullet Width with Tab (with or without front gusset)
E. Extra Wide Gullet Width with Tab (with or without front gusset)

A, B & C all have no pommel panel spacing tabs so the panel support comes up to the fixing point on the front of the panel. These panel types are for horses with high boney withers that require support higher up on the wither for lateral stability. Where the headplate width is very narrow the horse may need more room in the gullet further back near the stirrup bars. In this case B or in extreme cases C would be used.

D & E have a pommel panel spacing tab so the panels are spaced wider apart at the front. This will accommodate a wider withered horse like a typical warmblood build. The support area is lower and wider and can be denoted by the front panel fixing point being on a tab. 

It does not follow that wide gullets are for wide horses. A horse that is well muscled but narrow in headplate angle will require a wider gullet to compensate for gullet narrowing with a narrower headplate.

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