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WOWTM - Rider Endorsements




Richard Davison



Laurens van Lieren



Lisa White



Francis Whittington



Kitty Boggis



Mandy Goosen



Anna Hilton



Molly Key



Sean Henderson



First Thought Equine have always had a strong market in the Dressage world with all our products able to show improvement in a horses movement and comfort.  Richard Davison has worked with us from our start in 1998 and is a tireless advocate of our products.

We decided in 2006 that we would like to refine our current WOW range and produce more specifically tailored models of saddles that would excel in all disciplines.  To this end the most obvious choice of riders was the Eventers.  They obviously have to master all disciplines on horses that may struggle to excel in a particular field.

The challenges of the Eventing are many, riders have to produce strong fit horses that can jump on varying terrain whilst still remaining soft and supple for the dressage.  The fitness of the horse gives the saddler fitting problems in varying shape of musculature over a season.  The leanness of these animals when running fit produces fitting problems because so many are so narrow with no real support area for the pommel/arch of the saddle.  The conventional fitting saddles tend to be tight and restrict the shoulders of the horse.  

We believed we had the right saddle in WOW that could cope with all the problems of changing shape and changing discipline without restricting or impeding the movement of the horse under saddle. 

Our challenge then was to produce saddles that would appeal to professional and amateur alike and with the help and support of these Eventers we have been able to produce a world beating range of saddle types that can cope with everything that the sport demands

Fulfilling these riders needs has allowed us to produce saddles that we believe you will find no equal.

For their help and support we would like to thank our riders on behalf over everybody at First Thought Equine Ltd.

David Kempsell & Maggie White (Co-Directors)


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