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WOWTM Saddles - Seat Styles - 



Sizes - All Seats are available in 16”, 17”, 18” & 19”.


D Rings on Front - Front D rings are standard, Double D rings can be specified on the front.


D Rings on Back  - Two D Rings on right and/or left or 6 all round back can be specified.


“CC” Lady’s Seat - If you need more comfort in the front of the saddle then we can provide this feature by specifying a “CC” seat.


Padded Wings - The skirts over the stirrup bars can be padded providing more support in front of the thigh lifting the riders fork off the front of the saddle. Used in conjunction with a “CC” seat provides the ultimate seat for ladies who suffer discomfort in this area.


Double Stirrup Bar - All WOW seats are made with a unique double stirrup bar which provides two stirrup placements. This allows the rider to change leg positions for Jumping or Dressage. It is also useful in schooling a young unbalanced horse by using the front bar giving a stronger seat and hand until self carriage is established.


"Belly" is the name given to the support structure that curves off the cantle to give a fuller more supportive seat at or around your "knicker line"!  In the extra deep seat the belly creates the effect of cupping your  bottom giving a very definite support that keeps you upright, no slouching!


Extra Deep Seat - Very high round cantle with a big belly to give support and aid position.  This is the bucket seat to keep you in position on those big moving warmbloods.
Deep Seat - Round high cantle with belly to give support and aid position. Preferred by dressage riders but is also used by jumpers who prefer a more secure seat position.
Shallow Seat - Round shallow cantle with belly to give support and aid position but gives enough room to slide back or over the cantle when jumping.
Flat Seat - Has a square cantle and no belly. This allows the rider to sit further back in the seat when necessary as it lacks the support at the sides of the seat.
XC Seat - The Cross Country seat has a sloped cantle with no belly support and is shaped in such a way that even sitting right back on the cantle does not make the rider feel pushed away from the horse.




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